My name is Olive. Thank you for visiting my website.  I have a rare disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia which currently has no cure.  It is a bone marrow failure disease and so I don’t make any of my own red blood cells. I am six months old, and the gift my life is dependent on the generosity of other people. I get to live because of those who donate blood to children like me.

I can’t fight this disease by myself and so I ask all of you to help in any small way that you can to change the lives of children like me. I need your help with four things:

  1. I ask that you consider becoming a regular blood donor, so that you can save someone else like me and become their Guardian Angel.
  2. You can also save someones life’s by registering as a bone marrow donor.
  3. I need help in setting up my Olive Children’s Foundation and the Olive Children’s Transfusion Clinic so that I can, in turn, help other children like me.
  4. I need help to get to 3 years old, so that maybe I can get a Stem Cell Transplant.

My future is not what I make of it, but rather what you and I can make of it.  Maybe we can make this work and look back in 15 years and say that, because of my guardian angels and all the other people who care, I am who I am and I have been small part in helping many other children be who they are because of you.

This site is a work in progress by my Mom and Dad who are trying to look after me whilst trying to put something together to help others. It will hopefully grow and update itself as my life’s journey goes on. It will follow my ups and downs, and slowly become a site not only for me, but for other families with DBA and Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes. Not all the links are working yet, so if you have any queries or need any information in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask, no matter what it is.

Please spread my story to those who you care about. There are so many children who need  your help, and most of us don’t yet have a voice to ask.