Since Olive was diagnosed with DBA we have seen miracles beyond our imagination. It has taught us to dream BIG! The Olive Children’s Foundation has three main goals, but the biggest one is to open the Olive Children’s Infusion Clinic…

One of the goals of the Olive Children’s Foundation is to ultimately open an Infusion Clinic where all children needing chronic transfusion therapy or other regular infusions can come for their required therapies. The clinic will aim to create a fun environment where children can play and continue to develop whilst receiving their intravenous treatments. The clinic will aim to include blood transfusions, immunoglobulin therapy and other individualized chronic intravenous infusion therapies.

Currently, there is not a special space like this in South Africa and Africa. Children needing transfusions on a monthly basis are still currently required to go through all the administration obstacles of being admitted to a hospital where they spend their day in a general ward away from their families and loved ones. The environment of most hospitals is a frightening place for children and definitely not an environment that allows for their continued development. The impact does not rest on the child alone, and the effort needed for a family already struggling to address all the medical needs for their child is immense.

Should you, your company or organization like to get involved in the establishment of our vision, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can also visit our donation page for more information of how you can assist.


Infusion Clinic

Cover costs associated with the start-up of a paediatric day infusion centre, where children who require chronic intravenous therapies and blood transfusions can be attended to.

Helping Families

Aid other families of children with Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) and other rare conditions, with financial shortfalls related to investigations and treatment.


Aid the DBA Africa Registry and other rare conditions, in contributing to research in these field and keeping health care providers up to date about current breakthroughs and principles of management.