With 4 designated blood donors, Olive can receive blood regularly and safely. We call these donors Olive’s Guardian Angels because without them she wouldn’t be alive…

Currently, Olive needs a blood transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks and this is the mainstay of her treatment at the moment. She has already had 29 blood transfusions and will most likely need to have them for the rest of her life. One of the problems with receiving multiple blood transfusions chronically is the development of antibodies. This is one of the reasons she can’t receive blood from any of her own family members.

The development of antibodies means that Olive could have an adverse reaction to the blood that is transfused, as well as possibly preventing her from getting some of the newer treatment options available in future.

To minimize the risk of developing antibodies that might occur from exposure to multiple different blood donors, we have set up a designated donor panel, specially for Olive. We have found 5 people who match Olive’s blood group (O-) and are committed to living responsibly and donating their blood to save her life.

We call these donors Olive’s Guardian Angels because without them she wouldn’t be alive. They are literally giving Olive the gift of life. As Olive’s family we can’t explain how much it means to us to know that someone has committed to being there for her whenever she gets sick. Olive’s Guardian Angels will always be the most important people in the world and we believe that God has chosen these special people to look after her through her journey.

If you have ever thought about donating blood, we urge you to make the commitment. It is a small sacrifice that becomes the most precious gift in the world to someone like Olive and her family.  The only reason that Olive is still alive is because of the blood transfusions that she has received up until now.

If you donate even once, you have given the biggest gift anyone could ever give someone. It is often said that the biggest gift you could give another is your life, we think the biggest gift you could give someone is their life.

CLICK HERE for more information on blood donation and how you can get involved.

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